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Orange is the New Black cast for Entertainment Weekly (May 2, 2014)

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Interviewer to Tegan: “You wouldn’t try to mount it?”


You could totally see how much Sara wanted to make a sexual joke. It probably took all of her self-control to stay quiet. haha

It looks like it took all her self-control. Haha!

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im so pro-selfie like there are so many bigger problems in the world than girls who think theyre pretty

one of those problems is girls who dont think theyre pretty

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Evelyne Brochu in La Marraine - 1.03  [x]

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He’s smiling. He’s proud of himself. 

He’s saying “Look at me, that’s right, I’m balancing myself on this little stub of a branch. I am as majestic as a bird on its perch.”

behold the happiest bear

My heart

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It had been the Imp who saved her from a beating that day, the same man who was waiting for her now. He is not so bad as the rest of them, she told herself.

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 witches on chocolate frog cardspart five

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Did you run your marathon like that?
It was so much easier for the training, ‘cause, really sweaty, y’know. So much easier just to wash the hair - half the time! I’m probably lighter as well.
I’m assuming one kind of turn was probably a lot easier and the other turn was, like, a huge draft.
Aerodynamic, yeah!

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margaery + staring longingly at sansa

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the black sisters | wartime

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I never wanted any of you to die for me 

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